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Our organization is changing lives and impacting communities in Latin America, Africa, and around the world through video-based education.

Nation-2-Nation Christian University (N2NCU) believes that education and empowerment is the best way to ensure sustainable prosperity in the developing world. Our video-based courses give local churches and leaders the tools to fight poverty, sickness, and superstition within their own communities. By helping churches, villages, towns, and cities to transform from within, N2NCU is impacting communities in a way that will be felt for generations.

Our Mission

Millions of children die each year from diseases caused by dirty water and insufficient sanitation. However, the lack of water purification is just one of the many challenges which plague the developing world, which can be solved through practical education.

N2NCU has been working for over a decade with experts to identify and address the most fundamental problems faced by the world's poor. With the help of doctors, community health experts, and nutritionists, N2NCU has developed video-based courses which provide simple and practical solutions designed for churches and communities in the developing world.

In rural communities in Latin America and Africa, families are learning to purify water, care for the sick, and raise healthy livestock. Impoverished urban families are learning how to provide proper nutrition to their children through simple techniques like rooftop gardening. And churches annd communities all over the developing world are learning to come together and support each other in times of need and crisis.

We need your help

The majority of our financial support comes from donors just like you. We aim to continue to share education with more people in more countries so that no communities are left behind. But we can't do this without your support.

For as little as $360, or $30 a month, we can provide a church with a hard-drive-based school to reach their community. Please, donate today to support our efforts to fight poverty, sickness, and superstition, all over the developing world.


Online donations to N2NCU are processed by Paypal, and are made out to WIN Ministries.

Donations can be designated for schools and projects across Africa, Latin America, or where needed most.

Donate by Check or Money Order

Please make checks and money orders payable to:

Nation-2-Nation Christian University
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Nation-2-Nation Christian University (N2NCU) is a division of WIN Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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N2NCU is generously sponsored by:

The Affordable Attic

A spirit-filled Episcopalian group of pastors and Christian leaders in Bor Town was among the first to receive an N2NCU Training Center in South Sudan.