The Gospels and John is an in depth look at all God was doing in and through the life and ministry of Jesus.  Dr. Fount Shults explains the social, political, and religious background of the first century and then goes on to look at the major themes in Matthew, Mark and Luke.  In the Gospel of John, Dr. Shults uncovers numerous life-changing principles including the danger of preconceived notions,  Jesus’ offer to the world,  the importance of abiding, the power of openness, levels of believing, and the “I AM” statements of Jesus.

Dr. Fount Shults has been preaching, teaching, and training leaders on the mission field for over 55 years. In addition to ministering to leaders, Dr. Shults serves as the Academic Dean for Nation-2-Nation Christian University.  He has written three books. He received his B.A. degree in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Greek and Church History from Eastern New Mexico University, and a PhD in linguistics with an emphasis in Hebrew from The University of Texas at Austin.

Disc One:

1. Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels
2. The Synoptic Gospels
3. Jesus’ Ministry - Part I
4. Jesus’ Ministry - Part II
5. The End and the Beginning

Disc Two:

6. Introduction to the Gospel of John
7. Major Themes - Part I
8. Major Themes - Part II
9. Major Themes - Part III
10. Major Themes - Part IV

Disc Three:

11. The Beginning of the End
12. Jesus’ Redemptive Act
13. Preparing a Place for Us in the Father’s Bosom
14. Resurrection and Appearances

The Gospels and John - Dr. Fount Shults

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