The Acts of the Apostles examines the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, as a divinely inspired guide for church growth. Starting with a vivid perspective of the early church and combining it with his own extensive experience, Rev. Johansson gives both positive and negative case-study style examples of church planting, and maturing, as well as the many difficulties that can come with growing the body of Christ. 

Rev. Paul Johansson and his wife Gloria have served as missionaries in East Africa and taught at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York. He has also held the position of Dean of Students and President and currently serves as Chancellor. He holds a Master’s Degree in African History from the State University of New York. Paul and Gloria co-founded the New York School of Urban Ministry and minister in seminars and conferences worldwide. They reside in Hampton, Virginia and are blessed with two children and four grandchildren.

Disc One:

1. The Conception of the Church
2. The Birth of the Church
3. Challenges to the Infant Church
4. The Young Church Reaches Out

Disc Two:

5. The Door Opened to the Gentiles
6. The Attack to Confine the Gospel
7. The Attack on Leadership
8. The Attack to Corrupt the Gospel

Disc Three:

9. Founding the Church at Philippi
10. Strengthening the Disciples
11. Paul Returns to Jerusalem
12. Paul’s Journey to Rome

The Acts of the Apostles: A Biblical Manual for Church Growth and Expansion - Rev. Paul Johansson

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