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N2NCU Empowering for a Purpose

Nation -2- Nation Christian University

Nation -2- Nation Christian University (N2NCU) is a non-denominational, evangelical, video-based school of ministry and biblical studies; offering two and four-year degrees. Students can enroll in either N2NCU Online, or through our DVD curriculum using our Local Church Program, which is offered so that local churches and ministries can operate their own schools.

Start a school of ministry and biblical studies in your own church

N2NCU offers local churches our Local Church Program, which uses the N2N Curriculum, designed with the local church in mind. Our Local Church Program is the perfect tool for pastors or church leaders who have a desire to give their staff, lay-workers, or congregation the deeper training they need, without the expense or logistics of a more traditional Bible school.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course-work, your students will be eligible for a N2NCU diploma, or degree.

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"God is doing a new thing through His anointed servants...N2NCU has done a real service in drawing together these gifted teachings and presenting them to you."
~Dr. Mark Virkler, Founder, Communion with God Ministries

"We are thanking God for this program... it is the best thing that has ever happened to our churches."
~Bishop Joseph Mophet, overseer of the 3,000 churchs of PEFA

N2NCU Online - Try a Sample Lesson Now!

Our online school is now open and accepting registration. N2NCU Online is designed to provide students with the same Bible-rich training, thought-provoking coursework, and structured student interaction which has been used around the world to train pastors and Christian workers in the local church. Pricing is structured to ensure affordability for students all over the world, and scholarships will be available to students who can demonstrate financial hardship.

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Wherever you are

N2NCU is designed to be accessible wherever you are; whether you are a new Christian, or you have grown up in the Church; whether you are in the city, or in the far corners of the earth; whether you have never completed a high-school education, or you have completed your doctorate. We believe that our professors have presented the truths of God in a very practical manner, and in an easy to follow format.