N2NCU Project Thirty-Eight

Partnering to Equip Pastors and Evangelists to Reach the World

This is an unprecedented time in human history: hundreds of millions around the world are just waiting to hear about Christ. Project 38 was created to answer the prayer of Jesus when He told us that the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.

Join us in Project 38 to help start 200 new video-based training centers across Africa to equip new evangelists and pastors with the training they need to reap the largest harvest the world has seen. With a pledge of $38 a month for 12 months, you can fully sponsor a video-based training center which will give 10 to 20 pastors and evangelists the training they need to reach thousands.

With your help, we can reach the world. Donate now!


We're looking for partners. With your pledge of $38 a month for 12 months, we will sign you up to receive a regular newsletter outlining our progress in starting new training centers. The newsletter will also help keep you informed of additional ways you can partner with us, including opportunities for hands-on help such as possible short-term trips or volunteer projects.

Additionally, with your pledge, we would like to send you a personal thank-you letter from one of the leaders of a sponsored training center as a note of encouragement.

Pledge Your Support

Your donation is received by our parent organization WIN Ministries, and handled by our payment processor Kindrid.

Be sure to set up a recurring payment to ensure your sponsorship is not missed!

Our compact LED projectors can display our video-based courses to as many as 25 students at once, and weighs just 2lbs!

Global Impact

Your pledge of $38 a month for 12 months will start a training center in one of the following African countries:

A spirit-filled Episcopalian group of pastors and Christian leaders in Bor Town was among the first to receive an N2NCU Training Center in South Sudan.

An Entire Training Center fits in a Backpack

Compact Package

Our Training Centers use the latest in digital video technology to offer a high-quality classroom experience in a small package. Each Center includes a mini-LED projector, a portable speaker, and an SD card or flash-drive which contains two-years worth of video-based training, as well as an entire set of notes and exams in a printable format.

The small size means that it is easy to transport everything needed to operate a training center to the most remote locations- and the convenience means that a local pastor can facilitate one of our training centers with only a few hours of orientation.

Condensed Curriculum

Each of our Training Centers is set up using our entire N2NCU Local Training Program as well as our Community Transformation Curriculum.

By combining Ministry, Bible, and Community Transformation training in a single package, pastors and evangelists are well equipped to minister and evangelize like Jesus did; addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of the community.