A Complete Bible School in a Backpack

Bible, Christian Leadership, and Community Transformation Education

The M3 Program is a complete two-year, video-based education that can be fit into a backpack and carried anywhere in the world. It is created to be a tool for Christian discipleship and multi-generational community transformation.

Leave a Lasting Impact

Multi-Generational Change

The M3 Program is perfect for any missionary, missions team, or missions organization. For as little as $320, you can provide a substantial education to new and mature Christians anywhere in the world, equipping them to be leaders in Biblical ministry and community transformation.

The M3 Program uses the proven N2NCU Curriculum which is being used to train pastors, evangelists, and community leaders in numerous countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and in the United States. The N2NCU Curriculum is interdenominational and evangelical and is focused on building a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge and understanding.

Holistic Impact

In addition to strong Bible and Ministry courses, the M3 program comes with N2NCU's entire set of community transformation courses. These courses allow local churches and community leaders to minister in a genuinely holistic sense. These courses cover topics ranging from basic health, hygiene, and family nutrition, to agriculture and animal husbandry, to community crisis response. Learn More...


The M3 Program includes courses on Biblical Studies, Introductory Theology, Christian Leadership, Ministry, and Practical Community Transformation.

Get Started Today!

The M3 Program starts for as little as $320 per kit depending on your particular hardware configuration.

The video content in each kit is licensed for one country. Details and purchasing are handled through our online store.

The N2NCU Curriculum is being used to train whole denominations in remote places like the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya.

Discipleship through technology

Multiple configurations to fit your needs

The M3 Program is available in multiple field-tested hardware configurations to suit your specific needs. Each kit includes a Hard Drive which contains the complete 2-year video program, as well as PDF student notes and quizzes.

Each kit is fully 120/240V compatible.

HD Media Player

This kit includes a miniature HD Media Player. The Media Player is about half the size of a wallet and has both an HDMI and Component Video output compatible with a variety of TVs, projectors, or computer monitors.

Note: This kit requires an HDMI or Component-Video capable video output such as a TV or projector, and may require additional cables depending on your specific configuration.

Compact LED Projector

This kit includes a compact 1500-lumen LED projector, along with a portable speaker. The projector will play video directly from the included Hard Drive. Along with the included speaker, it is suitable for showing video to groups of 30+ people in a darkened room.

Solar-Powered Setup

This kit includes a micro 400-lumen LED projector, a portable battery pack, a solar charger, and a portable speaker. The projector will play video directly from the included Hard Drive. Along with the included speaker, it is suitable for showing video to groups of up to 30 people in a dark environment.

In tropic and sub-tropical regions with good sunlight, one day of solar charging should provide enough power to show 3-5 hours of continuous video.