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N2NCU Online

N2NCU Online is a complete online Bible school; offering Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Biblical Studies and Ministry. N2NCU Online combines video-based lectures with written coursework and student interaction- a combination which we believe will give students the greatest benefit for the time they invest.

Our aim is to help train the eighty-percent or more of Christian workers around the world who for various reasons are limited in their ability to attend a formal, residential, Bible school or seminary. N2NCU online brings a formalized Christian education to anyone, anywhere, of any level of education, in an affordable and easy to use format.

For Both New and Established Believers

We believe, through N2NCU Online, that new believers will grow in their relationship with God, learn God's Word, and will become better prepared to reach out to their family and friends with the love of Christ. Established believers will be better equipped for ministry and also experience a new level of passion for God, His Word, and for Christian service.


N2NCU Online is affordable for anyone, anywhere in the world. For more information about our tuition, visit our tuition and fees page.

Online Format


Nation-2-Nation courses are available anytime of day from anywhere in the world. Designed to be accessible on every kind of platform including tablets, web-capable phones like iPhone, as well as traditional platforms like your home computer or laptop.


N2NCU Online is intended to be used by people from all over the world with a full diversity of educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds. We have tailored the language of our school so that it can be well comprehended by people who are fluent in English, as well as those who know it as a secondary language.

The school is designed with ease of use in mind; if you can navigate the internet, you will be able to work through our courses with ease.

Guided Student Experience

Our program is designed to guide the student throughout the entire education experience. Most students will find that 2-4 hours of coursework per week will allow them to complete one semester of N2NCU in three months. In addition to their coursework, students are required to participate in practical ministry, preferably in their local church.


Bible readings, video lessons, quizzes, introductions and summaries are built into every fully directed lesson requiring little, to no, outside sources and very little writing. Student notes are available at all times, even during quizzes, to help you learn, and help you retain content.


Group Discussions provide frequent opportunity to discuss each lesson as a part of every course.

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Credit Transfer Evaluation

Looking to transfer credit into the online school from either an N2NCU school in your church or from another institution? If so, use our Credit Transfer Evaluation form below.

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Nation-2-Nation Christian University is privately accredited. This means that upon completion of the Local Training Program or N2NCU Online, students will become eligible (upon successful transfer of credit) to receive a degree appropriate to their level of coursework issued by N2NCU.


Nation-2-Nation Christian University is a certified member of the Academic Council for Educational Accountability. ACEA was created in 1998 by Dr. C. Peter Wagner to provide relational accountability to a network of Christian educators, training programs, and schools.