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Dr. Bruce Garner

Dr. Bruce Garner

Dr. Bruce Garner is the Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle in the greater Flint, Michigan area. Dr. Garner has a degree in chemistry from the University of Michigan, a graduate degree in theology from The King's University, and a Doctorate in Ministry.

Dr. Garner has been heavily involved in missions work for decades and serves on the boards of directors for multiple missions organizations. He has a strong vision for churches in developing nations, especially churches which experience persecution in their work.

Dr. Garner has been a significant supporter of WIN Ministries since its founding, and has hosted fundraisers and made other efforts to help cover much of the ministry's start-up costs. Since then he and his church have been regular supporters of the work of N2NCU.

Dr. Garner and his wife Sharon have two daughters and enjoy family activities and spending times outdoors.


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