By partnering with N2NCU, businesses can become an essential part of the growth of the kingdom of God around the world.

We believe that businesses are blessed by engaging in God's work. By giving back, businesses can become more than just a means of employment. They become a place where employees can impact the world. Companies become more than just a place of commerce. They become integral to the whole Christian community.

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Kenyan N2NCU Graduates.

Business with Global Reach

N2NCU provides courses in Biblical Studies, Leadership, Ministry, and Community Development. These courses are improving churches, families, and people's quality of life in the developing world.

N2NCU awards Bachelor degrees to students who have completed four years of training. These degrees are recognized for their excellence by church denominations and charities around the globe.

Since 2012, more than 5,000 Christian leaders have received either an associate or bachelor's degree through N2NCU.

N2NCU graduates have been credited with improving public health in their towns and villages. They have lead in growing and planting new churches. And, N2NCU graduates are providing training and aid to the poor in slums and refugee camps. One church denomination of over a million members credits N2NCU for its growth of over 80% in five years.

With your help, we can do more

The most significant impediment to starting new training centers and training more students is cost. There are church and community workers in developing countries who have been waiting for months and years to start a video-based N2NCU training center in their community.

We expect the total cost to N2NCU to be $1,960- or less than $90 per student, on average, over the four-year life of a training center.

With your help, we can meet their needs.

The Details

  • Starting a video-based N2NCU training-center costs about $360 on average. This amount includes all of the initial training, the provision of equipment, and associated shipping or travel costs. Each training center will train between 15-30 students across its lifetime.
  • Running a training center costs N2NCU about $400 per year, on average. This cost includes the administration of grades and records, and local administrative support (especially in more impoverished areas like refugee camps).
  • N2NCU also uses a portion of money designated for running training centers to develop new courses to adapt to the training needs that our local workers encounter.

Please, consider joining our efforts as a corporate sponsor. With your help, we can grow the Kingdom of God and reach the nations.

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Advantages to Giving

We believe that generous giving is an advantage to any business.

  • In one study, 45% of male employees and 63% of female employees said they were influenced to accept a job based on their company's support of a cause.
  • According to a 2016 study, Millennials were twice as likely to report positively on their corporate culture if their company engaged in workplace giving and volunteering.
  • 85% of consumers report having a better outlook on businesses that give to a charity that they care about.

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Sponsorship Levels

We honor all our sponsors by placing their company's name, logo, and website listed on our website; as well as granting permission to use our name, logo, and branding on their promotional materials and website. Additional benefits will be conferred based on sponsorship level.


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Please, feel free to contact N2NCU for more information about corporate sponsorship and how your business can be a part of what God is doing around the world.

Office Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Central Standard Time)

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An Episcopalian group of pastors and Christian leaders in Bor Town was among the first to receive an N2NCU Training Center in the fledgling country of South Sudan.