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Many missionaries and Christian aid workers have expressed frustration that they are often treating only the symptoms of disease and poverty. Seldom are they addressing root causes or the ignorance that causes sickness to proliferate in a community. Others lack food or clean drinking water simply because they do not know how to take advantage of basic no cost techniques that will filter their water and release the potential of their land.

BOKS stands for "Building Others through Knowledge and Service". This is a revolutionary new video-based curriculum designed to help lift communities out of poverty. Imagine taking the cumulative knowledge of doctors, nutritionists and agricultural experts, who have worked among the world's poor, and pooling that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use video curriculum in any language.


BOKS is a complete community development package which covers topics which are fundamental to healthy living in the developing world.

Basic Hygiene and Health

  • The Importance of Safe Drinking Water - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • How to Build Sufficient Latrines - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Water Purification and the Moringa Tree - Beth Doerr
  • Smokeless Cooking and Alternative Fuels - Beth Doerr

Basic Medical Prevention and Care

  • How to Prevent and Treat Malaria - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • How to Prevent and Treat Diarrhea - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • How to Prevent HIV - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Caring for Sick Patients at Home - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Overview of the AIDS Problem - Dr. Carolyn Klaus
  • AIDS Prevention, Education, and Treatment - Dr. Carolyn Klaus
  • How to Live with Those who Have AIDS - Dr. Carolyn Klaus
  • How to Help People with AIDS - Dr. Carolyn Klauss

Basic Dental Care

  • A Dental Overview - Dr. Brent Wong
  • Proper Oral Hygiene - Dr. Brent Wong

Family Health

  • Good Nutrition - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Building a Strong Marriage - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Healthy Sexual Behavior - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Teaching Children - Part One - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Teaching Children - Part Two - Dr. Daniel Fountain

Basic Agriculture and Farming

  • Caring for Your Land - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Effective Farming Techniques - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Reforestation - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Erosion Prevention - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Effective Methods for Raising Animals - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Composting - Lary Yarger
  • Rooftop Farming - Dr. Tim Motis

Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Pregnancy Overview - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Meeting the Needs of Pregnant Women - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Childbirth - Dr. Daniel Fountain
  • Overcoming Pregnancy Complications - Dr. Daniel Fountain

Child Development

  • Nutrition - Dr. Michelle Shwinandan
  • Immunization and Hygiene - Dr. Michelle Shwinandan
  • Infant Development - Dr. Michelle Shwinandan
  • Toddler Development - Dr. Michelle Shwinandan

The Female Reproductive Cycle

  • Mensturation - Dr. Vanessa Reynolds
  • Menopause - Dr. Vanessa Reynolds

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