The N2NCU International Extension Program brings together practical life skills, Bible knowledge, and ministry readiness to equip pastors and Christian workers to lead their communities out of spiritual and physical poverty.

We offer a variety of courses that will empower the church to be at the center of community revival.

All schools using the N2NCU International Extension Program will follow the curriculum plan we provide which lays out courses for each semester. Depending on location and contacts, curriculum plans may vary. For more information, contact us at



Distribution Options

All of N2NCU’s community development courses, and many Bible and ministry courses, are available for purchase as individual DVD sets for use outside of the International Extension Program.

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Community Development

Wide-Ranging Content for a Diverse World

N2NCU’s community development courses provide practical and lasting solutions to the most pertinent issues people face across the developing world such as agriculture and farming, basic medical care, water purification, and family health.

Each course is taught by doctors, veterinarians, and agricultural experts with decades of experience serving the poorest of the poor in the developing world. With vital education, the local church is empowered to do what charity and aid are unable to do alone: to create sustainable, self-reliant, thriving communities throughout the world.

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Bible and Ministry

An Essential Christian Education, Training for Growth-Oriented Ministry

N2NCU International Extension Program provides students with an education designed to prepare them for the work of Christian ministry. Our courses bring to life the Word of God and provide principles to apply outside of the classroom.

Courses are led by instructors from various backgrounds and specialties who are passionate about equipping Christians for the call and purpose that God has for them. Many students have used what they learned from N2NCU to prepare themselves for leadership positions within the church or promotions in the secular workplace.

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