Evangelism and Church Growth

“I’ve learned that unbelievers need to be loved as they face the problems of life. I have started doing this and taught my congregation to do the same. These acts of love have led many to Christ Jesus as we reach out to those who are different than us. Many people who were Muslims have turned to Christ because of our involvement in the wellbeing of our community.”
~ Desi

“This school has given me a heart for people who are hurting, weak, and suffering. I visit old people in my community. This has blessed my soul, and my joy is complete. I know how to serve God and how to live for him. I have also learned how to help people encounter the Savior. I have seen them crying, laughing, and being set free. I had never seen this before I attended this school.”
~ Larissa

“I have learned to carry out ministry beyond the four walls. What I have learned has increased the level of love in me. I go around looking for those in need, praying for them, and helping them in any other ways. This love that we have learned is not based on religion, or on race, and people have become so free with me in my community. Every department and organization in our church has been activated into its mission and purpose. The vision of the church has grown into reaching out to people outside with the love of Christ Jesus.”
~ Eli

“My ministry has grown because we have increased in number. We have organized more crusades to bring in the lost. We have built new churches in new areas. The Lord is working with us as we are receiving from N2NCU the knowledge to do His work.”
~ Joash

“Many people have given their lives to Jesus Christ in my community not only because I am preaching the Gospel to them but mainly because my behavior is showing them the love of Jesus. Most people in my church are no longer simply religious. They put to work what they are learning from the Word of God.”
~ Audace

“Three new ministry branches have been started since I started attending N2NCU. We had not been able to open a new branch in ten years yet now we have three in one year, and church membership has also increased! We are baptizing more people than ever before; the number has doubled.”
~ Emmanuel

Leadership and Ministry

“The teachings are exactly what a man needs to prosper in all areas of his life. My ability to do ministry has improved because of one thing--knowledge. I am more knowledgeable in the Word of God and the application of it. I have fallen in love with the Bible more than ever before because I understand the background that I am reading. I can confidently teach it to others and know God’s will and instructions for myself. Being a pastor and a servant of God has been made easy now.”
~ Bernard

“I can sincerely admit to the fact that my life before N2NCU was self-centered, and I did not care that much about my community, but now I am living a different life of love and care for others. I visit them when they are sick or when they are in any difficult situation. Preaching the gospel has become very easy and many in my community are giving their lives to the Lord because they have tasted the love of God through me.”
~ Juvenal

“Every student testifies to the uniqueness of N2NCU’s life transforming courses. Many pastors and Christian workers have been transformed from their traditional and cultural mindset of doing ministry. Middle leaders who were full of selfish egos and pride are now serving with humility and integrity as unto Christ. Wherever we introduce the school, pastors and leaders have always embraced the courses with great joy and enthusiasm. N2NCU is a blessing to our generation.”
~ Joseph Nwobodo, N2NCU Director of West Africa

Family Healing

“Our lives have been blessed by N2NCU. Families are so thankful because the fathers’ hearts have come back to the children and their spouses.”
~ Meshach

“I am a better parent now that I have attended N2NCU courses, I have time with my children for games and storytelling. I have come to know their precious hearts, and I pray for their destinies.”
~ Salvator

“Before I attended N2NCU, I didn’t know how to express my love to my wife and children. I thank God for teaching me how. They now know for sure that I care for them and sincerely love them by the way I speak to them, pray for them, and spend quality time with them.”
~ Elijah

Community Transformation

“I have neighbors who are not even Christians who have aspired to attend this school because of the benefits they have seen in my agricultural endeavors that I carry out in my community. I harvested 770 pounds of irish potatoes before I started attending N2NCU. After applying what I learned from the school, I now get from the same farms 2,200 pounds or more. What we are learning truly works and is productive!”
~ Gaspard

“My fields and crops are very productive. Where I used to harvest 1,000 pounds, I now harvest 4,000 or more because I am applying what I have learned.”
~ Simeon

“What we have learned on farming and livestock care have helped us so much. Our eyes have been opened to the importance of rearing livestock and farming extensively. I bought my first cow when I was 17 years old, but I had failed at all attempts to keep the cows healthy, and I sold them. Now that I have seen the best ways to rear livestock, I am going to give it another try.”
~ Carolle

“Hunger and starvation have reduced in my community because there is abundant food in every season of the year. Sicknesses due to malnutrition are no longer existent in our church because we have gone around teaching the residents on the best methods for growing healthy crops.”
~ Claude


“This school has transformed me into a businessman that is not self-centered or self-seeking whose interest has become the prosperity and wellbeing of others. That is why I have reduced the price of milk from my farms so that I can also help the children in my community whose families do not have a lot of money. We are able to share the Word of God with others in our community that we had neglected for a long time.”
~ Filbert

“We have learned to take good care of our environment, we have planted trees and preserved our forests, and we have encouraged others to do the same.”
~ Angelos

“I have applied the method of channeling in our fields. This teaching has helped us so much because we live in a very hilly area. It has not been easy for us to grow crops. We have shared this with our neighbors, and we are all having success and our crops are no longer washed away by erosion.”
~ Bonaventure


“The course on reaching your destiny reignited in me the desire to preach the gospel to others and inspired me to seek excellency in whatever that I do.”
~ Laurent

“I thought it was sin to expect much and to dream big dreams, but, after what I have learned from N2NCU, I can no longer afford to be pessimistic anymore.”
~ Joseph

“I never thought I would have the chance to get my degree here in Kakuma; this tells me being a refugee is not a shameful act.”
~ James

“The course on women in ministry has been the best lesson and the most inspiring thing I have ever had. I was encouraged to be a woman of God, a woman of destiny with big dreams of changing my community and taking good care of those that God has placed under my care. I have become unstoppable in sharing the love of God with others! N2NCU has given me great boldness.”
~ Imma

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