What students are saying about N2NCU courses

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Theology I

Theology I -Dr. Mike Webster

The most important knowledge I received from this course was how to correctly explain that there is only one God with three separate persons. I feel more well equipped to explain this to others....I received a crystal clear understanding of the Trinity. Now, I am able to explain it others with greater clarity and accuracy.
~ Lordena B.

This course acted as a muse for my blog writing and also for my personal study time. The lesson on the Holy Spirit in particular. Understanding the symbols of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' water baptism opened my eyes along with the self-study portion of how the Holy Spirit helps believers. .... I will be using the information obtained in this course to not only bolster the truth in my writing but also in practical discipleship ministry.
~ Kristina C.

Leading when you are not the Boss

Leading When You Are Not The Boss - Rev. Andy Zack

This course has encouraged me in my role as an assistant/middle leader, to be confident that God will use me, and to remain faithful to the ministry.
~ Candice B.

The most important thing I took away was that the middle leader Position is vital to all organization.
~ Christopher D.

Acts of the Apostles

Acts of the Apostles - Rev. Paul Johansson

Particularly the words boldness, confidence and assurance that Paul and the other disciples exhibited really opened my eyes towards evangelism, even at a point of death they seized the opportunity to preach Christ. With this perspective now I have a change towards my ministry as to how I evangelize, by seizing every opportunity i have to preach Christ using different means because understanding different cultural ethics has opened my mind.
~ Michael O.

Marriage and the Family

Marriage and the Family - Rev. Stacy Cline

'…marriage is two imperfect people entering into covenant relationship, to diligently pursue intimacy under the loving lordship of Christ.'-Rev.Stacy Cline

When I started this course, this phrase struck me right away and from the start I know in my heart that this would be a life changing course for me. The phrase itself directed me to the conclusion that the power of God by the demonstration of the Holy spirit in an individual can make the marriage successful and exciting. I was reaffirming and confirm on the duration of the course that God is at work with my marriage. Most of the principles in the lessons help me to assess myself on where I am at as a husband and to continue where I find myself in line and change where it needs change.
~ Leoren C.

Reaching Your Destiny

Reaching Your Destiny - Dr. Brick Click

The message that there is always hope for those who are looking to God and keep going is so precious. You don't have to stay in a place of defeat. You can repent, seek God and get going again.
~ Sharon S.

Creating a Welcoming Church

Creating a Welcoming Church - Rev. David Macfarlane

I love his commonsense approach instead of overthinking it he just gets to the grass roots of the matter.
~ Bob T.

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

Introduction to Biblical Counseling - Rev. Kathy Barton

The most important knowledge is knowing the difference between Pastoral counseling and basic counseling as well understanding the basic role of a counselor.
~ Michael O.

New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey - Rev. Stacy Cline

This course has helped me by strengthening my knowledge of God's word and gave me more tools I need to share His gospel.
~ Kayla A.

Major Themes of the Old Testament

Major Themes of the Old Testament - Dr. Fount Shults

This course has given me great insight into how God works around us. Yes, this course made a big difference in my life and my ministry.
~ Fanfan L.