N2NCU's International Extension Program is a comprehensive Bible and ministry curriculum designed to prepare pastors in the developing world for Christian leadership and empower the church for community transformation. We are partnering with leaders to see whole nations brought out of spiritual and physical poverty through Gospel-centered, holistic education.

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Poverty, war, and scarce opportunities prevent many Christians from pursuing the education they need to succeed in ministry. Governments shut down churches whose pastors lack proper credentials. Local superstitions intermingle with the Gospel message. And families struggle to meet their daily needs.

Nation-2-Nation Christian University was created to provide pastors and Christian leaders with a comprehensive education in Biblical studies, ministry, and community development. We empower the local church to do what charity and aid are unable to do alone: to create sustainable, self-reliant, thriving communities built upon the hope of Jesus.

At first, I thought it was only a theological college. I was there to see if I would get interested, and, if not, I was ready to stop attending. The more I studied, the more interested I was. N2NCU is not only a theological college but a training ground for all that concerns life.
~ Eli, Burundi
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N2NCU provides a fully guided program and the training and equipment necessary to run an extension school internationally. Each school registers with the area, regional, or national facilitator or with the National Director of the country who keeps track of the schools under their administration. We are partnering with committed leaders to see nations transformed!


N2NCU International Extension Program is designed to maximize the time, energy, and impact of its students. Our curriculum cuts through the fluff, getting students the vital teaching they need to succeed in all areas of life. We meet Christian leaders where they are at. By means of a projector and flash drive, schools can run anywhere.


We have worked for over a decade with experts to identify and address the most fundamental problems faced by the world’s poor. Our one-of-a-kind curriculum equips leaders with knowledge in the Word of God and practical skills to lift their families out of poverty. As these leaders meet the needs of their neighbors and share the hope of Jesus, doors open for the Gospel.


Practical education and empowerment through the Word of God is the best way to ensure sustainable prosperity throughout the developing world. Our curriculum is entirely video-based with supplementary notes. It is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of education and cultural backgrounds. Our instructors use plain language to communicate a variety of topics at a level anyone can understand.


N2NCU focuses on transforming communities by empowering the local church for kingdom work. Marriages are healed, families are restored, communities are united, the hungry are fed, the widows and orphans are cared for, and the uncompromising truth of God is proclaimed. This is the church we are working to build all across the world.

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Nation-2-Nation Christian University is privately accredited. View our accreditation page for more information:


Nation-2-Nation Christian University is a certified member of the Academic Council for Educational Accountability, founded in 1998 by Dr. C. Peter Wagner.