"You will be tomorrow what you are preparing for today" -Rev. Andy Zack

Introducing N2NCU Online

N2NCU Online is a video-based school offering Associate and Bachelor's Degrees in Biblical studies and Ministry.

Wherever you are in you're Christian walk, God still has more for you. A strong biblically-based foundation will empower you to draw closer to God and to hear his voice. Whether you're preparing for ministry or to be a more effective leader in your family or workplace; whether you're preparing to share your faith with your community or with your family; N2NCU will equip you for your next step.

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"I thank God for N2NCU and the opportunity to learn the word in the way that I have been learning. Since I began these studies, I have experienced the hand of God in so many ways. In my personal life as well as my ministry. God is showing me every day that his promises are true and amen if we would only believe him."
~ Vernon Durand

Grow- without breaking the bank

Study all you want for only $40 per month in the United States and Canada. Rather than charging by credit hour, N2NCU Online simply charges for access. You can study at any time, at your own pace. You can progress as quickly (or as slowly) as you like. Your subscription can be suspended or canceled at any time.

Study on Your Schedule

You can set your own pace and your own schedule with N2NCU Online. Courses are available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. N2NCU Online is user-friendly, whether you're studying with your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Online made easy

N2NCU Online is intended to be used by people from all over the world regardless of educational, cultural, or professional backgrounds. If you can navigate the internet, you will be able to work through your courses with ease.

Most students will find that 2-4 hours of coursework per week will allow them to complete one semester of N2NCU in three months. In addition to their coursework, students are required to apply what they have learned through practical ministry in their community or church.

Bring your Bible- We'll bring everything else

Bible readings, video lessons, quizzes, introductions, and summaries are built into every fully-directed lesson requiring little, to no, outside sources and very little writing. Student notes are available at all times, even during quizzes, to help you learn, and help you retain content.

Inside N2NCU Online

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Nation-2-Nation Christian University is privately accredited. View our accreditation page for more information:


Nation-2-Nation Christian University is a certified member of the Academic Council for Educational Accountability, founded in 1998 by Dr. C. Peter Wagner.

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