Semester One

The Church as a Caring Community - Rev. Andy Zack

Keys to a Christ-Centered Community

In The Church as a Caring Community Rev. Andy Zack addresses the need for a church that truly meets the needs of a post-modern generation - a generation too busy, lost, and introspective for meaningful relationships, yet lonely and longing for authentic, real connections. Rev. Zack describes how God is calling His church to create a Christ-Centered Community where people are loved and encouraged, valued and connected - even as they impact the world around them.

9 Sessions

Ministering to Muslims - Dr. Gene Daniels

Many Christians do not realize this, but we are living in the greatest evangelistic movement in the history of our interaction with the Islamic world. God is bringing Muslims to the saving knowledge of Christ in greater numbers than ever before, and it is time for us to join him in this move of his spirit. Ministering to Muslims covers the basics of Islam, various theological and cultural barriers and how to overcome them, and helpful comparisons to help us be effective in ministering to Muslims.

12 Sessions

Solution Based Biblical Counseling - Rev. Kathy Barton LMSW

Solution Based Biblical Counseling is a type of Christian counseling which encourages, edifies, and gives hope for positive change in the power and grace of Christ. In this course, Rev. Barton teaches that God is already involved in people's lives and has already provided many tools for them to use and build on- through His word, his Holy Spirit, and through the strengths and giftings that He has already given them.

10 Sessions

Semester Two

Free by Divine Decree - Rev. Paul Johansson

A Witness to the Book of Romans

Free by Divine Decree takes you inside the courtroom to witness how the case for your freedom was argued and decided. The final verdict from the Supreme Judge is that “in Christ” you are righteous: not by achieving but by believing. The truth in this series will set you free - free indeed. No further appeal! Your freedom is not a feeling, it is a fact.

12 Sessions

Premarital Counseling - Rev. Kathy Barton LMSW

Marriage is the strongest personal and spiritual commitment that two people can make together. Premarital Counseling is designed to give church leaders and mentors the tools they need to counsel and disciple couples through healthy dating or courting practices, and into preparation for marriage. This course provides information useful in closed counseling sessions, as well as from the pulpit.

14 Sessions

The Pastoral Epistles - Rev. Abram Gomez

In this course, Rev. Abram Gomez walks through the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus as a mentor, pastor, and spiritual father. This course starts in First Timothy where Paul warns against false teachers and prophets and wraps up in Titus where Paul displays that pastoral heart of Christ in seeking after a healthy and sound Church.

6 Sessions

Semester Three

The Epistle to the Hebrews - Rev. Paul Johansson

Your Passport into His Presence

With so much conflict in the world, it is easy for us to become depressed and maybe even want to give up. The Epistle to the Hebrews speaks to the early believers because they faced similar situations and were tempted to throw in the towel. Hebrews is a thesis on a new way of living that will help us when we become weary. Five times we are advised not to give up. The door through the cross to the Throne of God has been opened by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Now we can boldly include our name in Hebrews 11 as men and women of faith.

12 Sessions

Biblical Social Justice - Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

The Lambs Agenda

Biblical Social Justice is an interview-style course based on Rev. Rodriguez's book The Lamb's Agenda: Why Jesus Is Calling You to a Life of Righteousness and Justice. Referenced and quoted by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, Rev. Rodriguez reveals the crucial connection between biblical social justice and spiritual righteousness. Getting back to the basics of Christianity means extending our efforts simultaneously in the vertical direction of God and the horizontal direction of our neighbors.

3 Sessions

Principles of Church Growth - Rev. Abram Gomez

Church Growth begins with an important observation: "Healthy things grow." It should be natural and expected for every church to grow. However, church growth is not automatic. It is the result of leaders who pursue growth and a spirit of excellence, who present vision and goals, and who help establish core values in the church which encourage growth. Growing churches are led by growing leaders who understand that we must create the container to hold the increase that God brings.

12 Sessions

The Character of a Leader - Rev. Richard Hinojosa

Transformative, Practical Ministry

In The Character of a Leader, Rev. Richard Hinojosa provides an in-depth look at the characteristics that make for godly, effective leadership. This is a course that every leader can benefit from.

5 Sessions

Semester Four

Homiletics - Dr. S. Brick Cliff

Preaching for Impact

Homiletics trains pastors how to powerfully impact lives through their messages. In this course, Dr. Brick Cliff provides essential tools for preparing and delivering messages that reach both the heart and mind, and result in changed behavior and changed lives. Each session provides clear, practical, step-by-step instruction in the skills that produce effective, dynamic messages.

10 Sessions

Strategies for Church Growth - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Church growth is rarely spontaneous. Instead, it usually happens in response to leaders who pursue growth through vision and strategic planning. In Strategies for Church Growth, David A. Macfarlane draws from decades of experience to present five fundamental church-growth strategies, as well as practical tried-and-true methods for implementing them in any church. These strategies were at the core of the success of the original first-century church, and are still essential for healthy, growing churches today.

7 Sessions

Church Administration - Rev. Abram Gomez

In Church Administration, Rev. Abram Gomez begins by clearly explaining the strength that proper administration brings to a church and the foundation it sets for sustained and significant church growth. The church needs structure to accommodate all that God wants to do and to under-gird the vision that God has given the church.

12 Sessions

Avoiding Burnout - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Running the Race to Completion

Anyone who enters ministry risks burnout. Pastors and Church Staff who are passionate about their ministry work long hours and often see the lines between their ministry and personal lives blurred. In this course, David A. Macfarlane presents ten guidelines which will help avoid burnout. Based on Scripture and practical application, these guidelines will help everyone who is engaged in ministry to run the race to completion and to achieve the plans and purposes which God has for their lives.

3 Sessions

Semester Five

Church History - Rev. Stacy Cline

In this course, Rev. Stacy Cline covers each major era of church history from the foundational events, which birthed and influenced the early church through the many transitions and periods up until today. When we study the history of the Church, we are looking at the extension of Christ's Kingdom in the earth. Citing major church figures and influences throughout history, Rev. Cline brings to light important lessons for today’s church. This history gives students a clear view of where the church has come from and where it is headed. Church History creates a motivating vision of the systematic advancement of the Kingdom of God and the fulfillment of Christ's commitment to build His church in every generation.

14 Sessions

The Art of Leading Worship I - Rev. Dick Grout

In The Art of Leading Worship, Rev. Dick Grout draws from his many years as a worship leader and teacher with Elim Fellowship to provide an excellent beginner’s guide for the subject of worship and the worship service. Beginning with a strong foundation regarding the motivation and heart of the worship leader, Rev. Grout covers both the spiritual and the practical aspects of leading the people of God into worship.

7 Sessions

The Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Dr. Frank Parrish

The Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit provides the biblical foundation for understanding the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives. Every believer needs power for living the Christian life and for sharing their faith. In fact, Jesus did not let His disciples begin their mission without this power. How much more does the church today need God’s power? Dr. Parrish shows how the Holy Spirit and His gifts are real and available for every believer today.

6 Sessions

Signs and Wonders - Dr. Ronald Burgio

In Signs and Wonders, Dr. Ronald Burgio lays out the scriptural basis for an expectation of miracles, healings, and the supernatural — in the church today and in the life of every believer. He illustrates this truth with examples from both the Bible and his own life and ministry. Dr. Burgio also shares ways in which we can create an environment where miracles are welcome and the Holy Spirit is free to work. This includes a faith-filled atmosphere where we believe and speak God’s promises, where we resist unbelief, and where we guard the proper attitudes.

6 Sessions

Semester Six

1&2 Corinthians - Dr. Bruce Garner

The church at Corinth was a gifted church which had some challenging internal problems. These included both personal and church-wide sin, disagreements over important doctrine, and conflict between various groups within the church. The letters to the Corinthians were written by the Apostle Paul to deal with these problems and bring help and healing to the church. In this course, Dr. Bruce Garner explains how the wisdom and principles of these letters can be applied today. 1 & 2 Corinthians present practical solutions to problems of Church unity, morality and discipline, and financial integrity, and speaks of the supreme importance of love in the church.

12 Sessions

Youth Ministry - Rev. Abram Gomez

Youth Ministry challenges churches and pastors to have a vibrant vision for reaching youth. Rev. Abram Gomez lays the foundation for a powerful, effective ministry that reaches the youth in the church as well as in the surrounding community. He makes it clear that God is always reaching out to the next generation of young people and wanting to work in their lives while they are still very young. Rev. Gomez covers many important subjects such as characteristics and qualifications of a youth pastor, distinguishing marks of a successful youth ministry, youth outreach, discipleship, community, and development of youth leaders.

10 Sessions

Children’s Ministry - Rev. Matthew Drew

Believers should see children through the eyes of Jesus. Through natural eyes, we see children as small—in size, knowledge, wisdom, and in experience. However, Jesus sees them as models of Kingdom greatness; honest in their humility, simple in their faith, and pure in their praise. In Children’s Ministry, Rev. Matthew Drew teaches the principles and practices for successfully ministering to kids

10 Sessions

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