Local Training Program Pricing

Pricing in the Local Training Program is very straightforward- what you see is what you get. What a school pays for each semester is dependent on the number of students enrolled in that class. There are no cost associated with registering your school apart from the regular costs for the first semester as listed.

For Example:

Using the pricing below, if you are starting a class of 10 students in Semester 1 of the Foundations Track, the cost to your school breaks down as follows:

Media Center Video Access: $190
10 Students Registration: 10 x $25
10 Students Foundations Track: 10 x $100
Total: $1,250 + s+h

Of course, your school is free to charge students whatever you need to in order to cover your expenses- including facilities costs, refreshments, etc.

Media Center Video Access - Per Semester

$190 - for unlimited 5-month access for the whole class

Student Fee - Per Semester

$25 - Registration Fee (per student, per semester)

$100 - Foundations Track (Associate Degree) (price per student)

$125 - Bachelor Track (price per student)

Graduation Fee - Per Student*

$150 - Associate Degree

$200 - Bachelor Degree

*Plus $10 Application Fee per student.

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