Degree Plans

The N2NCU Local Training Program empowers you to choose which course of study is best for your church or ministry. We offer variety and choices through the educational journey so that you can mold the program to fit your students as they grow and develop.

To fill new leadership roles in your church, you need to build confident, skilled believers who have a practical understanding of Biblical principles and applications. This is a big job for anyone, and we can help.

If you already have a group of great leaders, and you want to develop and empower them with the knowledge and tools which they need to really prosper, we’ve got you covered.

Foundations Track

Starting with the Basics

All schools using the N2NCU Local Training Program must start with our Associate Degree level Foundations Track. Upon completing the track, their students will become eligible to transfer credit to N2NCU and apply for an Associate of Biblical Studies and Ministry.

An Essential Christian Education

The Foundations Track is an excellent way for any church to start their members in a formal Bible and Ministry education. The content of this track is rich and diverse- providing a truly comprehensive foundational Christian education designed for the variety of giftings and personalities that your church possesses.
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The Bachelor Degree Track

The Next Step

N2NCU encourages all students of schools using the N2NCU Local Training Program to continue their education with the Bachelor Degree Track. Upon completing the track, students will become eligible to transfer credit to N2NCU and apply for a Bachelor of Ministry.

Training for Growth-Oriented Ministry

The Bachelor Degree Track is fundamentally designed to provide discipleship, training, and guidance to students who are interested in positions of Christian ministry or leadership in their local church. These courses will continue education in Christian leadership, while offering insight and instruction into a number of church ministries including administration, outreach, Christian counseling, teaching and preaching, and church growth, among others.
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