The Foundations Track

An Essential Christian Education

The Foundations Track is the best way for any church to start their members in a formal Bible and Ministry education. The content of this track is rich and diverse- providing a truely comprehensive Christian education designed for the diversity of giftings and personalities that your church posseses.

Semester One

Reaching Your Destiny - Dr. S. Brick Cliff

How to Reach God’s Best in Your Life

Reaching Your Destiny teaches how one can discover and achieve the specific destiny that God has for their life. In this series, Dr. S. Brick Cliff draws not only from biblical examples, but from his own real world experiences in over 25 years of ministry.

5 Sessions
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Theology I - Dr. Mike Webster

Who is God?

In Theology I, Dr. Mike Webster builds interest and excitement in studying the most important teachings of the Christian faith. The course is not simply informational but also has a devotional element that impacts the lives of the hearers. Dr. Webster covers the nature of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He looks at how God is a personal God, who has important qualities and names, and is a triune God. He discusses the dual nature of Jesus Christ - fully God and fully man - and why this is important to believers today. He also looks at the deity, personality, and work of the Holy Spirit.

5 Sessions
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Foundations of Evangelism - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Evangelism Through Friendship and Relationships

In Foundations of Evangelism, Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane imparts a vision and passion for reaching those who do not know Christ. He shows how the most successful evangelism is relational and can be a normal part of any Christian’s lifestyle, without being confrontational or intimidating. He helps viewers to understand how prayer, God’s word, and the Holy Spirit each play an important role in our witnessing, and he explains how to concisely present the plan of salvation so that people understand and respond.

7 Sessions

Creating a Welcoming Church - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Opening Your Church to Visitors

In Creating a Welcoming Church, Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane draws on over twenty years of experience as a pastor - including serving in two different small churches, each of which he grew to over 1,500 in attendance.

He covers numerous specific areas that impact a guest's decision-making process. This one-session course helps church leaders to see areas that immediately impact visitors with fresh eyes, and helps them to see what will create a pleasant or unpleasant experience.

1 Session

New Testament Survey - Rev. Stacy Cline

Discovery and Application of the New Testament

New Testament Survey introduces the 27 books of the New Testament, exploring the major themes and emphases in each book, while at the same time applying the truths found there to our lives. It begins with an examination of the historical and cultural background of the times, followed by an overview of each grouping of books, and then by a more in-depth look at each individual book.

14 Sessions

Semester Two

Empowered Leadership I - Dr. S. Brick Cliff

Empowered Leadership I equips Christian workers with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully influence and lead others - leading by example in the areas of character, power, godly living, and exhibiting positive attitudes even during challenging times. Part I of the series includes characteristics of successful leaders; using our words to influence others; and principles for overcoming temptation. Part II of the series covers cultivating positive attitudes and principles for maintaining strong relationships.

4 Sessions

Theology II - Dr. Mike Webster

Who is God?

In Theology II, Dr. Mike Webster continues to expound the most important aspects of Christian belief and theology in an interesting and exciting fashion. This course covers the subjects of man, sin, and salvation. Man is created in the image of God and is made up of body, soul, and spirit. Through rebellion and sin man fell and broke his relationship with God profoundly affecting every area of his life and being. God’s answer is salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ. In the same way that sin negatively affected every area of man’s being and resulted in death, salvation restores all that was broken and leads to incredible life.

4 Sessions

Ministry of Helps - Dr. Buddy Bell

Transformative, Practical Ministry

Rev. Buddy Bell has the gift of motivating God’s people to serve, helping them understand that the real heroes of the faith are servants. Time and again, in churches around the world, Rev. Bell’s course has changed the face of local churches. His scriptural teaching on the Ministry of Helps has empowered thousands of churches and pastors by waking up a sleeping work-force. In fact, it is common to see the number of workers in a church triple, after the church receives this teaching.

10 Sessions

Major Themes of the Old Testament - Dr. Fount Shults

A Thematic Overview of the Old Testament

Major Themes of the Old Testament is full of rich, insightful teaching. Dr. Fount Shults brings scripture to life with subjects like the fatherhood of God, the long-suffering of God in the Old Testament, and God’s original plan for mankind. Dr. Shults outlines the Old Testament’s integration into the Bible as a whole, emphasizing the description of God’s plan for salvation, the coming Messiah, and the Old Testament’s relevance in our modern society.

14 Sessions

Semester Three

Empowered Leadership II - Dr. S. Brick Cliff

Empowered Leadership II equips Christian workers with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully influence and lead others - leading by example in the areas of character, power, godly living, and exhibiting positive attitudes even during challenging times. Part I of the series includes characteristics of successful leaders; using our words to influence others; and principles for overcoming temptation. Part II of the series covers cultivating positive attitudes and principles for maintaining strong relationships.

3 Sessions

Theology III - Dr. Mike Webster

Who is God?

In Theology III, Dr. Mike Webster explores many of the most important questions people wonder about and struggle with. What happens after this life? Is there an intermediate state? What does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell? Who is Satan? What do we know about Angels and Demons? Each question is examined in the light of scripture and answered with insight and clarity. Dr. Webster also highlights the Christian church, its purpose, and the commission that God has given it here on this earth.

4 Sessions

Creative Evangelism - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Creative Evangelism describes in detail specific principles and plans to use for explosive church growth. These plans are centered in strategizing around felt needs, creating evangelistic vision, making a plan, forming teams, and using creative ideas.

10 Sessions

The Gospels and John - Dr. Fount Shults

A Study of the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John

The Gospels and John is an in depth look at all God was doing in and through the life and ministry of Jesus. Dr. Fount Shults explains the social, political, and religious background of the first century and then goes on to look at the major themes in Matthew, Mark and Luke. In the Gospel of John, Dr. Shults uncovers numerous life-changing principles including the danger of preconceived notions, Jesus’ offer to the world, the importance of abiding, the power of openness, levels of believing, and the “I AM” statements of Jesus.

14 Sessions

Semester Four

The Acts of the Apostles - Rev. Paul Johansson

A Biblical Manual for Church Expansion

In The Acts of the Apostles, Rev. Paul Johansson examines the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, as a divinely inspired guide for church growth. Starting with a vivid perspective of the early church and combining it with his own extensive experience, Rev. Johansson gives both positive and negative case-study style examples of church planting, and maturing, as well as the many difficulties that can come with growing the body of Christ.

12 Sessions

Marriage and the Family - Rev. Stacy Cline

A Biblical Manual for Church Expansion

A strong, healthy marriage is an integral part of the creation and development of a Godly family. Rev. Stacy Cline thoroughly covers God’s plan for marriage from it’s definition and preparation to living in love, healthy communication, and sexuality.

10 Sessions

The Ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Dr. Frank Parrish

In Psalm 139 David said “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Each person in the Body of Christ is also, and as we walk in obedience to the Word of God under the direction of the Holy Spirit we will find our gifts and be able to function in them with great joy and fruitfulness. In The Ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit we learn that our value is not determined by our gifts or measure of faith but by who we are in Christ. We need each other's gifts and all are equally valuable. We have different parts to play in the advance of God's Kingdom, but we are one Body.

4 Sessions

Embracing A Multi-Generational Environment - Rev. Chris Ball

Leadership for All Generations

In this course, Rev. Chris Ball challenges congregations to nurture a vision of church and ministry that embraces not only the current generation but also the up-and-coming generation. Everyone understands that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, however, in ever greater numbers they are turning away from the church – feeling disconnected, disillusioned, and alienated. They are looking for authenticity, involvement, and honest communication. Rev. Ball outlines principles and a plan to help the current generation understand and interact with the new generation - a plan not only to keep them in the church but also to raise them into leadership.

3 Sessions

Spiritual Leadership - Rev. Joshua Finley

Leading Through Spiritual Maturity

In Spiritual Leadership, Rev. Joshua Finley covers the four foundational areas of growth and maturity for success as a leader. He looks in depth at the advantages that come from developing healthy relationships, growing strong physically and mentally, and learning to draw close to God for guidance and strength. Rev. Finley also challenges leaders in each area and lays out a path for growth.

3 Sessions

Semester Five

Pastoral Care - Rev. Chris Ball

An Essential Guide for Effective Pastoring

In Pastoral Care, Rev. Ball covers the most important attitudes and ministry that lead to excellent care of a congregation. He also covers many practical aspects of pastoral care, including the ordinances – baptism, baby dedications, communion, counseling, hospital visitation, weddings, and funerals.

10 Sessions

Introduction to Biblical Counseling - Rev. Kathy Barton LMSW

Introduction to Biblical Counseling presents the basic principles that will enable people who seek to give counsel and advice to others. This includes practical principles related to knowing when to listen and when to speak, powerful listening techniques, understanding people’s pain and brokenness, avoiding arrogance and pride, and showing love and care before sharing knowledge.

6 Sessions

Leading when You're Not the Boss - Rev. Andy Zack

A Discussion of Middle Leadership

The importance of middle leadership is often overlooked, neglected, or taken for granted. In Leading when You’re Not the Boss, Rev. Andy Zack addresses the middle directly. Speaking from years of experience as an associate pastor at Love Joy Church in Lancaster New York, Rev. Zack covers the keys to successful and fulfilling leadership in support of the head leader’s vision and authority. This unique teaching is an excellent tool to encourage and empower pastoral and lay staff and to further strengthen their relationship with the head leader.

7 Sessions

Wisdom Literature - Dr. Fount Shults

A Study of the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament

In this course on Wisdom Literature, Dr. Fount Shults brings deep biblical insight from over forty years of studying and teaching the Bible, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the Hebrew language and culture. Dr. Shults not only provides a valuable overview of each of the “Wisdom” books, but also takes students to new depths of understanding and uncovers practical principles for a balanced and successful life. Wisdom Literature covers the books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs.

8 Sessions

Semester Six

Leadership Toolbox - Rev. David Arrol Macfarlane

Leadership skills are developed over time. Becoming a great leader depends on what we learn and how we apply it. In this course, we will learn how to create a vision, value contributions, develop leaders, encourage change, defend the ministry, and handle opposition.

7 Sessions

Biblical Ethics - Rev. Paul Johansson

Godly Principles for Successful Living

Every believer needs a strong biblical foundation to minister to a world whose morals are relative and constantly changing. Biblical Ethics presents godly principles that are still valid in today's complex circumstances and moral “gray” areas. This course teaches how to provide moral guidance for people who are dealing with difficult situations.

10 Sessions

Leadership Challenges - Rev. Chris Ball

In Leadership Challenges, Rev. Chris Ball covers some of the most significant challenges that face all leaders. No matter where they lead, or in what capacity, one thing that all leaders have in common is that they will have to address the challenges of handling people. These include the difficult themes of managing change and managing conflict resolution effectively. Rev. Ball brings many years of experience to these issues and includes practical examples and illustrations to help students be competent leaders as they manage change and conflict.

6 Sessions

The Christian Family - Rev. Kathy Barton LMSW

In many countries around the world, over half of the children raised in the church leave it when they arrive at their teen or college years. Many Christian leaders are not reaching their families and are losing them to the influences of the world around them. In this series, Rev. Kathy Barton teaches that our job is to take Biblical principles, employ them in our families, and then teach and train people in our congregations to do the same. Then we will see a legacy of blessing continue.

9 Sessions

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