N2NCU Local Training Program Testimonies

Build Community

"It is a privilege to lead a community of believers who come from all walks of life through this curriculum. Their eagerness to learn and turn around and do what they are taught isn’t like anything I’ve seen before in all my years of teaching. Student’s are working together to meet the needs of the community around them. N2NCU has crafted a program to fulfill the need for training and equipping the entire body for ministry within and outside our modern society."
~ Damien, N2NCU LTP Facilitator

Teach True Discipleship

“N2NCU has perfectly bridged the gap between how we study God’s Word at church and how we live it out day-to-day. Just one semester in, and my students are studying the Bible like they never have before, finding purpose in their lives, and sharing the gospel outside the church!”
~ Michelle, N2NCU LTP Facilitator

Expand Ministry Resources

“I’ve been discipling people for 25 years. I needed something I could use across the board. When you partner with N2NCU, you’re going to find increased opportunities for discipleship, a stronger foundation to build that discipleship upon, and a leadership pool that you probably didn’t even know was there. I had people right under my nose that had capabilities I didn’t know they had.”
~ Pastor Eric, New York

Impact the Next Generation

"Before becoming a facilitator, I was a student of N2NCU. This curriculum transformed the direction my life was taking me at a young age, and brought me into full-time ministry. I now have the privilege to walk other young people in my community through this curriculum! Seeing lives being molded into disciples for Jesus while building a strong community where they are at has been incredible. I want to encourage every leader to consider running N2NCU within their community."
~ Nicole, N2NCU LTP Facilitator

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