Local Training Program

A Bible School in Every Church

The N2NCU Local Training Program is practical, comprehensive, yet affordable program that enables every church, regardless of ability or resources, to start a full-fledged Bible School. In as little as three hours a week- or less- your church can transform into a center for training and discipleship.

Video-Based Flexible Format

N2NCU courses are accelerated, condensed into information-packed 30-minute video sessions with complete workbooks, notes, and exams. You are free to begin and end, schedule and plan, at your own pace, on your own time.

Your Church, Your School

The N2NCU Local Training Program is designed to empower the vision of your church leadership. Course plans and topics can be chosen and arranged to suit the giftings and needs of your specific church body.

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Our info packet includes a promotional DVD, brochures, a sample course, and a comprehensive course listing.

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Our catalog contains a complete course listing, faculty information, as well as a complete guide to starting and running a N2NCU Local Training Program in your church or organization!

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